Photo Booths, Magic Mirrors & Selfie Pods - what's your #?

We can supply a range of different booths, using the latest modern booths, from the classic booth, to a selfie pod and a large magic mirror, including a range of props to use and a professional operator to setup and attend the booth during the hire period.


  • A choice of booths to suit your event
  • Experienced booth operator for all bookings
  • The latest HD photo & video technology
  • USB containing all photos provided at the end of the hire
  • Fully insured & Health & Safety Certificates provided.
  • Custom branding available*.

*additional charge for custom branding

Classic Photo Booth


Our classic photo booth is available to hire with custom branding (as pictured) or either a white or black exterior.


Whichever exterior you choose, the inside is there for you & your guests to enjoy & create amazing memories of your event.


The booth has an internal touchscreen interface, where users can preview themselves prior to each photoshoot, with on-screen choices of colour, black & white or vintage photos. With the use of filters, alongside augmented reality, the options are endless, plus, unlike an old photo booth you can re take the photo as many times as you like to get the one you like with unlimited capability.


All our Classic Photo Booths are also geared up for HD Video, with all features customisable – we can even personalise the supplementary items such as props, so get in touch in order to tailor a unique package.


Click here for more detailed information including technical specifications

Magic Mirror


Mirror Mirror, on the wall... our Magic Mirror will be a popular addition to your event should you be after something slightly different to a classic photo booth. 


Offering just as much fun and great quality photos as the classic booth and selfie pods the Magic Mirror is good for taking larger group photos and also for where space is limited.


The Magic Mirror presents a fun, yet high-class experience, but with hidden technology, which adds an element of luxury and style to your event, all with the aim of taking great photos and creating memories for you to look back on.

The Magic Mirror is free-standing, framed with an LED lighting surround, with the additional benefit of voice integration, to give that added interactive element.

As with all our Photo Booths, it comes with a range of props & an experienced operator to setup, assist your guests and ensure everything runs smoothy. We can also customise almost all aspects of the Mirror – including the external frame and the welcome screen (e.g. adding your company logo to the main screen) The mirror comes standard as pictured with a gold frame.


Click here for more detailed information including technical specifications 

The Selfie Pod


It maybe the smallest of our booths but it stands its ground and provides the same level of high quality photos and video, but taking up less space. The Selfie Pod is ideal for events where space is limited.


Think of it as a classic photo booth without the booth - open air and packed with the latest tech to ensure that you can create great photos of you & your guests. The added bonus is you can get as many people in the photo as you can possibly fit - ideal for group shots at weddings and corporate events, 


As with all the photo booths we hire, the Selfie Pod comes with a professional and trained operator who will deal with the setup and running of the booth for the duration of the hire.


The Selfie Pod can also be transformed into a GIF and Flip-Book generator, Social Media Pod, Sticker Printing Pod or simply a table-top Photo Booth when space is a premium.


As per all our Photo Booth inventory, we can personalise the internal, external and the supplementary items, such as props, so get in touch to tailor a package to your specific event.


Click here for more detailed information including technical specifications 

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