Your Questions... Our Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not among them, don't hesitate to drop us a line using the Contact Form.

What kinds of events do you cover?
We provide entertainment & event supplies for all kinds of parties and it is our job to ensure our clients & their guests are able to relax, dance and enjoy themselves. We can provide entertainment to cover a wide range of events, from cocktail parties & wedding receptions  to university balls & large corporate events.


Can you help with other areas of our event aside from the music?

Despite the name, MBM Music don't just offer musical entertainment. We can provide a range of different event supplies, from Photo Booths to Comedians, so it is always worth asking us for help. We have been working at events since 2001, so we have a wealth of trusted contacts who we have worked with over the years and we can usually help with any special requests.

What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else?
All of our musical acts will provide sound & lighting equipment as standard and this is all of a professional level and in good working order. If you have any special requests, we can provide or lease additional equipment, but please be sure to mention that when we plan the party. Check out our
AV & Production Services for some of the amazing packages we can provide.


My venue require evidence of your insurance & electrical safety certificates?

This is not a problem, we can provide both PAT & PLI certificates to your venue, and it is a requirement for all artistes to have these documents in place & up to date.


What areas do you cover?

MBM Music is based in London, England but we provide entertainment all over the UK & worldwide.


I've heard horror stories of other bands & DJs not turning up, being too loud, getting drunk etc. How will you make sure this doesn't happen to me?!

We are firm believers that it is important to deliver peace of mind to each and every client that their event is going to go ahead as planned. We only use full-time professional bands & DJs, and every booking is secured via our legally binding contract for both parties. Unfortunately some amateur bands & DJs cannot be relied upon to deliver the service they have promised, however with MBM you can rest assured that we only use artistes with whom we have worked before and have a 100% track record. Unfortunately accidents and illnesses do happen and in the event of such an occurence we always ensure there are rehearsed backup performers whom we can call on should the unforeseen happen, meaning the party will still go ahead.


We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can you do that?
No problem. There are many songs that grandchildren and grandparents both know, and our bands & DJs have the expertise to provide a mix of music to suit all ages & tastes. We are happy to discuss the options with you beforehand and on the night.


Can we give you a list of the music we want played at the party?

We are open to suggestions from all clients on their musical tastes and work closely with each client to ensure their party is a success. It is also however important to realise that our DJs & musicians are highly experienced and are ultimately best left to judge the music by 'reading the crowd'. Even a playlist that looks great on paper and worked well at another party doesn't mean it will work on the night as every event is unique


Can't I just plug in Spotify?

You certainly can, but when booking a professional you are not only getting a great, high quality sound & lighting setup included in the price, you are also drawing on their knowledge and experience. Something a computer as yet can't do, despite the claims, is judge the reaction of certain songs / styles and how popular they are on the dancefloor. Some of our musicians and DJs have performed at over 500 weddings alone & it's not just knowing what to play, it's knowing when to play it to keep the audience happy - track requests are very welcome for our DJs and they will seamlessly mix these into the set at an appropriate time. We really can't stress the difference between plugging in an iPod or laptop versus having an experienced professional host your event for you.


How much will it all cost?

As we work with every client individually to provide a bespoke package it is difficult to name an exact price. It also depends on exactly what you would like and at what time / whereabouts and even the day of the week - for example Saturday nights in mid summer would be the most expensive days but we can offer significant discounts for mid week and off peak bookings. We are competitively priced against other event services in the UK and believe we offer extremely good value for money to all of our clients. Please get in touch for the best quote for your event.


Are you reliable?

MBM musicians and DJs haven't received a complaint or let a client down throughout their whole career. Most of the horror stories we hear are from clients who have booked an inexperienced pub band or part time / hobby DJ. MBM only provide full time professionals, meaning you will receive a professional, friendly & reliable service. Why leave it to chance? Book a professional entertainer from MBM Music.


We look forward to speaking soon!